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Half of world's mangrove ecosystems at risk: conservationists


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Half of world's mangrove ecosystems at risk

Tomorrow it will be all, not half. The climate crisis is exacerbating very rapidly. We have a conceptual mistake and an illusion when we conceive the climate system as being static. In reality it is dynamic. It has lost its equilibrium, and is escaping from it very rapidly. By denying this reality we are committing suicide. And we are doing so when it is so easy to try to save ourselves.

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"Mangrove ecosystems are exceptional in their ability to provide essential services to people, including coastal disaster risk reduction, carbon storage and sequestration, and support for fisheries," said Angela Andrade, chair of the IUCN commission on ecosystem management.

But it means nothing to the dull, uncomprehending eyes of the vast majority of humanity that follows along to its own immiseration.

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It's an endless tale of unremitting devastation. Whatever meaningless job we are currently doing, we are probably part of the problem too. But, like a herd of sheep, it allows us to keep our heads down munching on the grass, "only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air."

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