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Heat pumps can't take the cold? Nordics debunk the myth

By Pierre-Henry DESHAYES

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In Japan, there are no central heating systems with radiators.

There are if you can afford one.

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They are expensive, they need to be replaced more frequently that other forms of heating technology, and they are slow at warming up a cold room. But then they are the darling of eco-warriors, politicians in the EU, Canada, and certain other countries, as well as news wire services such as the AFP.

I'm looking forward to dusting off the fan heaters again this winter - packing heat for a fraction of the cost.

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In Japan, there are no central heating systems with radiators.

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It would take me 17 years to recoup the initial cost of fitting a heat pump, larger circulating pipework and larger radiators not to mention a new hot water storage tank and the plinth to mount the unit outside. This time scale doesn't include any maintenance cost or the potential renewal of component's That would make 83 before I could expect any repayment on my investment.

I think I'll give it a miss.

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For heating water, many Japanese use the Eco Cute heat pumps.


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Japanese AC units are heat pumps for cooling and heating but the cost of the heating is too high. There are no heat pumps for heating water.

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Since we are in Japan, the UK is off topic, but using heat pumps for years.

Air conditioning, heating, and dehumidifying all in one. Timers etc. Great units. I have four.

My summer electric bill averaged ¥5500 a month.

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In the UK, 'an air source heat pump usually costs around £10,000. A horizontally installed ground source heat pump costs £24,000, on average.' 

I don’t understand why it’s so expensive there. It’s just an aircondition in reverse, plus a defroster. It’s 60,000 yen in Yodobashi!

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Yes GBR48, UK planning permission may apply, the costs of additional insulation, the replacement of radiators.

Think carefully, survey the cost implications/necessities, do the math/sums, look at the alternatives.

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We have a heat pump for all our hot water. Runs great all year

In addition, our energy bills are negative. We produce and sell about double the amount of solar energy than energy we are using.

Careful capital expenditure with the long term in mind usually pays off. Shame most governments don't follow this principle.

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In the UK, 'an air source heat pump usually costs around £10,000. A horizontally installed ground source heat pump costs £24,000, on average.' 'Generally, most homes will need to replace around one-third of their radiators before installing a heat pump.' 'The average three-bedroom house requires a 200-litre hot water cylinder' indoors, so you'll need space for that. All of this will need to be connected together. [theecoexperts.co.uk]

'There are currently 862 ... certified heat pump installers in the UK' against 130,000 gas boiler installers.

Subsidies are available, but it will still be more expensive than a gas boiler or electric alternatives. There are also noise issues and siting difficulties. Assessment and installation takes time and is intrusive.

But expect lots more heat pump advocacy courtesy of nudge units in the future.

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