How bringing back lost species revives ecosystems

By Issam AHMED

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Ecosystems are in a constant state of flux. Re-introducing a species from 200 years ago is as much a novel intervention as introducing a species entirely alien to an area. Scientists should take off their rose-tinted glasses and stop kidding themselves that they are turning back time to some halcyon age. That's not how ecosystems evolve. The pandemic proved that we need better quality scientists, and the belief that such reintroductions in any way 'restore' a 'balance' underlines that. This is very poor quality science based upon sentiment and incorrect, unscientific assumptions. Cane Toads 2.0. Just wait and see.

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There is no going back now.....when the electricity is turned of, the electric fan still keeps rotating for a while....thats the point life on earth is at. You've ( then human race ) had your chance to change but, Alas ! you didnt change in time......Your name has been added to the Extinction list......Bye !

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