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How climate conscious Americans reduce their carbon footprints

By Issam AHMED

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Treating the Planet with tender love and care is their way of proceeding. Americans are showing the way to the rest of the world. Hats off to Americans Bala Sivaraman, Sim Bilal and their legion of concerned fellow mortals spread across the length and breadth of the United States of America.

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I have noticed that nearly everyone who thinks they are "green" seem to have a certain amount of wash and go in their attitude when I comes to their own carbon footprint

The main modern problem is over consumerism and the temptation for people to do things they would other wise not do. We need planes but we don't need to fly on holiday on budget fares. We need to eat but don't need a single function gadgets to do this. We need a modern version of the horse and cart and open fire cooking. And the right attitude too.

We are all responsible to clean up this earth. We should never think the responsibility doesn't apply to ourselves. Never too late to start.

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California leads the US in clean energy methods and production.

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Are those Americans ?

Not moving between states, thinking hell is for tomorrow, no family of their own, no garden !

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We need planes but we don't need to fly on holiday on budget fares.

I don't take budget fares for my holiday. Big-name brands.

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