Kuwait, among world's hottest places, lags on climate action


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Add humidity to that and you have killer conditions. We will have several places this summer with wet-bulb temperatures too high for humans.

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It was so hot in Kuwait last summer that birds dropped dead from the sky.

It's a desert, right?

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Read an article in Scientific American magazine that claimed that parts of the Middle East will soon become uninhabitable during the summer without air conditioning, because even night time temperatures will be so high that the human body temperature will not be able to cool down enough to allow life.

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The Sahara desert can go from plus 46 degrees Celsius in the daytime to minus 4 degrees Celsius at night. The reason for this is the extremely low humidity in the Sahara. In deserts with high humidity, the temperature at night can stay very high. This is the situation facing parts of the Middle East in the near future, and other parts of the world before the century is out. The recent mass migrations of Syrians and Ukrainians out of their countries due to Putin's wars are a harbinger of things to come, but due to global warming.

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It's a desert, right?

Birds are normally abundant in the desert, and well adapted to the heat of the summer and severe cold of the winter. However temps upwards of 50 C and more are too much. Consider also that it is so humid the temp can be 37 C and yet there will thick fog.

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