America’s summer of heat, floods and climate change: Welcome to the new abnormal

By Shuang-Ye Wu

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Another American city can be underwater as early as Wednesday,when Hurricane Ian impact Tampa Bay,this will be equal to Katrina

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US summer of heat, floods & climate change - Welcome to the new abnormal:

Truly, absolutely abnormal.

The abnormal has already become a new norm, to be faced worldwide yearly without fail. It will get more intense, furious & uncontrollable.

Global warming does not know color, wealth, power or border..

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21st century and medieval conservatives do not want to believe that climate change is a reality..

Either they are so ignorant that they cannot understand it, or maybe they recognize it but do not want to accept it..

They prefer to continue burning oil and carbon like cavemen..

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A student recently solemnly informed me that summers are hotter now than than 20 years ago, when he was a kid. This didn't sound right to me, as I've lived here for 30 years and have noticed no difference at all. I checked the raw data and found:

August 2002

Max temperature: 37.2

Average: 31.2

August 2022

Max temperature: 36.1

Average: 31.29

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I'm fascinated to hear the opinions of those who downvoted my post above. I was only giving raw data, after all.

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Well, for one what are the daily averages over those years? A single data point of a max temp on one day proves little. What is the long term daily average temperature trend for that location? Your student may be more perceptive than their opinionated teacher.

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