Looking for reasons to be cheerful about climate action

By Kelly MacNAMARA

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Not surprised there is doomism. The "before it's too late', "time is running out"," and similar statements that we have heard daily for years implicitly mean that indeed there is a point at which it is no longer worth attempting mitigation.

That marketing has been embraced by all parties, so hard to turn the sentiment tide at this point.

That cancer analogy is counter productive for me. Too many of friends and family have been given the equivalent of " before it is too late" only to suffer with the treatment then die shortly anyway. ( I am very happy for those that this has not been the care, just relaying my experience).

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Lots of people do not know basis science of weather ,if you do not ,you should not present yourself as an expert,their are online weather courses,taking them do not mean you will be doing the local broadcast,I always do a hurricane model everyday in the hurricane season,to see if I will be impacted by one ,the barometric pressure is one of the most basic weather guage of good and bad weather,I think everyone should be force to take a be six week course on weather as a requirement for graduation

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Weather and climate are not the same. How’s that for something basic?

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