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Methane big part of 'alarming' rise in planet-warming gases


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Methane big part of 'alarming' rise in planet-warming gases

Judging by all the comments on this subject...nobody cares are long as their taste buds are satisfied they are quite willing to ignore the damage to the planet.

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Scientists continue to discover that methane emissions from both the fossil fuels industry and the environment are largely underestimated.

On one side this means that our understanding of the problem is better with every discovery, the other side is that this means the models that help predicting the negative effects of human drived climate change have to be adjusted for worse outcomes because of this.

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Let’s hold useless globs conferences, just forbid it and massively demonstrate against it here too. Methane gases will surely shiver from fear then and abide, like CO2 , NOx and others. lol

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For a very long time, the principle human related global warming gas was CO2. Now, as things get worse with the addition of methane, heat trapping gases put into the atmosphere are increasing exponentially. The time may come in the next few years when scientists tell us that it is too late to prevent a disastrous global warming scenario.

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Why did Russia blow up the Nord Stream pipeline?

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What's not mentioned here is that half of all sewage sludge in North America is spread on farmland as toxic fertilizer where it decomposes to release nitrous oxide and methane and CO2. If landfilled these gases could be trapped under caps and collected instead.

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