Microbe-based faux beef could save forests, slash CO2

By Marlowe HOOD

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Nothing Says Lovin' Like Microbes from the Oven.

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Compared to a current-trends projection for population growth and food demand, swapping half of red meat consumption for so-called microbial proteins would see reductions in tree loss and CO2 pollution of more than 80 percent, they reported in the journal Nature.

Seems like a very verbose description of a grease burger already sold from McBunolds.

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Sounds utterly disgusting and the claims are suspect.

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Or you could just raise cows on pasture where they recycle the nutrients in the soil in tandem with the grass. A factory, on the other hand, is full of steel, plastic and glass which use a lot of resources and produce lots of toxic waste and the very greenhouse gases they're supposed to mitigate.

I can't believe people will promote an industrial machinery factory over a green field...

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The fake meats that try to look like and taste like meats are not good me. I have seen tried a few and they are just amiss. However, I am totally ok with veggie burgers as they don't try to look like meat or taste like meat.

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I'm out.

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englisc aspyrgendToday  08:20 am JST

Sounds utterly disgusting and the claims are suspect.

Animals (and people) have always belched. You'll have to come up with better alibis and excuses than that to justify pushing this paper-tasting stuff.

Tom SanToday  11:24 am JST

I'm out.

I'm not believing this bull either. Starpunk out. Mic drop.

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This seems like a lot of work for something that is probably less delicious than real vegetables. But if you can have some fun on the biome, I guess that’s okay.

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Animals farting is only an issue because of all the other issues that have released greenhouse gasses into our environment. Blaming the problem on animals farting is as stupid as blaming the camel's broken back on that last piece of straw, and ignoring the whole pile that came before it. Anyone with half an intelligence can clearly see that animals farting are not the problem here.

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This stuff is pointless. Just halve the amount of real meat you eat, or save it for special occasions. Vegetarian is tasty as is, no need for it to look like meat.

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that’s some strange math. methane from cows is only about 3.9% of all emissions. And they do so many other good things like fertilize the land. I’m not gonna eat some fake meat that’s got 39 different chemicals in it. Prepare for an onslaught of misinformation/propaganda about beef in the coming years

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Blaming the problem on animals farting

In the case of cattle, it's the belching and not the farting. It could be important when you try to attach some recycling device to a cow.

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Vote is always on meat! Not real or fake meat i know. Just meat.

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You're right, I saw that last week, a British company has discovered that 90% of the methane emissions come from the front-end of the cow, rather than the rear-end; consequently, they've developed a really ingenious device which captures and converts the gas to carbon-dioxide, and this is worn over the cows head and covers the nostrils, in the same way horses wear blinkers.

The answer as always lies in the science and technology to overcome such difficulties....... humans just have to be smart enough to work this out.

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So what's in it?

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@Skeptical, too funny ! I was going to make my own quip but cannot even begin to top yours. You own the internet today.

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I'd rather go vegan than eat this processed crud. Eat meat or don't eat meat - we have the choice. But at least make sure you are eating actual food and not some lab-made gunk that is almost certainly bad for you without the fringe benefit of being delicious.

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It not only destroys CO2-absorbing tropical forests to make room for grazing pastures and cattle feed crops. 

which is totally unnecessary

Kudzu also called Japanese arrowroot is excellent for livestock.

Kudzu - Wikipedia

Kudzu can be used by grazing animals, as it is high in quality as a forage and palatable to livestock. It can be grazed until frost and even slightly after. Kudzu had been used in the southern United States specifically to feed goats on land that had limited resources. Kudzu hay typically has a 22-23% crude protein content and over 60% total digestible nutrient value. The quality of the leaves decreases as vine content increases relative to the leaf content. Kudzu also has low forage yields despite its rate of growth, yielding around two to four tons of dry matter per acre annually. It is also difficult to bale due to its vining growth and its slowness in shedding water. This makes it necessary to place kudzu hay under sheltered protection after being baled. Fresh kudzu is readily consumed by all types of grazing animals, but frequent grazing over three to four years can ruin even established stands. Thus, kudzu only serves well as a grazing crop on a temporary basis.[3]

 In the 1930s–1940s, it was marketed as a way for farmers to stop soil erosion, and it was very good at that.

The problem was the following:

Kudzu's environmental and ecological damage results from its outcompeting other species for a resource. Kudzu competes with native flora for light, and acts to block their access to this vital resource by growing over them and shading them with its leaves. Native plants may then die as a result.

When kudzu invades an ecosystem, it makes the leaf litter more labile, thereby lessening the carbon sequestration ability of the soil. This feeds climate change.

This occurred because Kudzu was left to its own devices and not used as feed properly. The weed can be introduced to barren places and is good feed for ALL animals: Cows, sheep, pigs, deer, you name it.

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Eat the bugs and goo, live in your pods, own nothing, rent everything. Don’t worry, you’ll be happy roaming the Meta-verse in your VR helmet as the world passes you by.

What an absolute vision of hell.

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