Monster iceberg released billions of tons of fresh water into ocean


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The polar regions have warmed at twice the rate of the rest of the planet since 1900. Of course the ice is melting.

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If it is a floating iceberg, no matter how gigantic it is, it will not affect the sea level at all when it melts completely..

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A giant iceberg that detached from Antarctica in 2017 released the equivalent of 61 million Olympic-sized swimming pools of fresh water as it melted,

That is what icebergs always do, so what exactly is the article about?

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This iceberg broke off of an ice shelf. An ice shelf is a thick piece of ice that has flowed from the land and into the ocean. Since the iceberg originated on land, it will raise the ocean level by melting.

By contrast, the ice at the north polar region did not form on land, but over the ocean. It is relatively thin, as opposed to the thick land based icebergs at the south polar region, and when the north polar ice melts, it does not change sea level height.

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