More than 9,000 tree species still undiscovered: study


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More reasons we need to preserve the earth and the environment. These trees, like everything else can be a resource for medicines and industrial uses.

 Of course, many people think science is too confusing, and therefore doesn't have any value.

And that's half the problem. Too many just want to make a profit right now and chuck all the rest. Not thinking about the future. Dr. Seuss was right when he wrote 'The Lorax'. Then that story got douched up with CGI and crummy pop songs in a crap film during the 00's decade.

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I do not get it. If they undiscovered, how do we know there are 9000 of them?


1. an act or instance of inferring an unknown from something that is known.

2. Statistics, Mathematics. the act or process of estimating the value of a variable or function outside the tabulated or observed range.

They teach this in high school science. Of course, many people think science is too confusing, and therefore doesn't have any value. They tell us so using their devices built on the back of the work of scientists who used extrapolation to develop said devices. And they see no irony in this.

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I do not get it. If they undiscovered, how do we know there are 9000 of them?

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There are species out there we haven't identified, but giving a figure for an unknown like this is entirely unscientific and casts doubt on any thesis that it is used to substantiate. This sort of thing damages trust in science.

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It doesn’t surprise me.

I sense that people have forgotten to look, listen, wonder and notice.

Steve Jobs tried to give a device to allow all of us to take notice of the world that surrounds us....and make us immune to the silliness of drones.

And now, the people have become a slave to those devices. They look down while looking for “Likes” or who are checking their messages.

Look to what can be! The greatest thinkers never needed digital devices to make progress..greater things .

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Of course the data is based on scientific speculation, but the basis is solid and the likely to be generally correct, one very important point about biological resources is that every one of these unknown species could originate some compound that could help against disease, climate change and direct human expansion means some of these compounds could be lost forever by the extinction of the tree that produce it (or the other related species that depend on that tree to live).

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Its just wonder and curious on the 9000 trees species that still undiscovered. On how they grow, how they can help in environment, What are they benefits, They are have fruits like other tree, etc... Hope they are discovered soon.

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Countries along the equator and in the Southern Hemisphere are some of the worst offenders. Nigeria has now become one to the worst. North Korea has now removed 61% of their trees while China’s efforts at reforestation have actually grown in recent years.

Dec 29, 2021: - https://www.visualcapitalist.com/mapped-30-years-of-deforestation-and-forest-growth-by-country/

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Leave the trees alone!” - There may be claims for ‘species studies’ and the search for new medicines, etc but its often a cover for greedy corporate interests to pursue and exploit unclaimed land. Deforestation is tantamount to surgically removing portions of your lungs.

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