Most countries 'woefully unprepared' for changing climate: analysts warn

By Patrick GALEY

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Most countries 'woefully unprepared' for changing climate - analysts warn:

More so when imbecilic leaders remain pretentious of any climate change.

Loads of such warnings have appeared everywhere every-time since the past decade. But where is the necessary impact on the incumbents..

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I'll take these warnings seriously when the preachers practice what they, er, preach. They're no different to the 80s televangelists who got caught snorting cocaine off prostitutes.

In fact they're probably worse. The televangelists didn't have much influence if any on national policy, whereas the climate grifters are flying around on private jets between their coastal mansions issuing lofty pronouncements to governments that they themselves aren't subject to. The results are coming to fruiition, with the manufacture Sri Lanka food crisis and global energy crisis showing us what happens when these fraudsters aren't ignored.

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A whole pile of malarkey in the climate-propaganda "article".

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While developing nations of Africa and Southeast Asia are predicted to be worst hit by higher temperatures

‘Predicted’ by computer models which have no validity when the input data is often manipulated to show a warming trend (ie; air temperature monitors located at heat sinks like airports or nearby car parks).

The average temperature is increasing faster everywhere than anywhere else around the globe. That’s according to the media. What they’re really saying is that Earth is actually warmer than itself when you put all the reports together. But it does the job of scaring people.



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Why not call it what it is, Global Warming.

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If there's enough money to spend on Ukraine, help out the poorer countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

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