Nearly 1 in 4 globally at risk from severe flooding: study


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I guess this will include most of Tokyo. The Tone, Edo, and Arakawa have flooded many many times in history, never mind 15cm once in a hundred years. See Wiki for more info. We haven't heard about flooding and Tokyo on the news in recent years due to collossal dykes called "super teibo". The project to complete them has a timespan of hundreds of years.

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Researchers found some $9.8 trillion of economic activity globally -- around 12 percent of the global gross domestic product in 2020 -- is located in areas exposed to severe flooding.

Human activity have historically concentrated around bodies of water for good reasons, this comes with the risk of floods but thanks to climate change those risks are increasing and becoming more and more important every year.

The worst thing is that, as the article says, those risks are disproportionally higher for populations in develope countries, which are the ones that can do the less to prevent the damage.

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