Nile is in mortal danger, from its source to the sea

By Menna ZAKI

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Yes, just let’s find a rich country that can be made responsible and then has to pay for the Nile’s pollution and other problems the Nile neighborhood population has caused themselves. LOL

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Japanese Government can surely print more yen to help these poor developing nations.

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Japanese Government can surely print more yen to help these poor developing nations.

Badumm tssss !!..

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First, the rivers dry up. Next, the oceans will boil.

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Humans can be in "moral" danger but never a river or thing.

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These are but harbingers of further developments coming to a neighborhood near you within a decade or so.

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within a decade or so

much less.

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Not sure how costly it would be but two problems common to dams all around the world are the build up of silt within the reservoir gradually reducing its capacity (for an extreme example of this see the Imperial Reservoir behind Imperial Dam on the lower Colorado River which is now essentially completely filled in with silt) and the problem of no silt making it to the ocean causing sand bars in rivers that support fish and vegetation, river deltas and beaches that rely on that silt to disappear. One would think a scheme could be devised to dredge reservoirs of their silt at regular intervals and dump this silt back into the river below the dam. Combine these operations with periods of high outflow to mimic the natural flood cycle.

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