Receding ice leaves Canada's polar bears at rising risk


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They will adapt to a warmer climate. They don't need any help from stupid animals like us.

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I read just a few years ago that the polar bear population has been increasing.

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almost no one will consider seriously unfortunately... poor animals

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If the decrease of their population is a part of the evolutionary stages, probably it is OK, but this sort of rapid environmental change always impacts the entire ecosystem after all.

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Manitoba is not a 'northern' Canadian province. True, it has a 'northern' part, but all of Canada's provinces have northern parts.

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They will adapt to a warmer climate.

Really ??!!.. (facepalm)

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The climate warming is not of interest.

Forty degrees Celsius are not concerning.

Fifty degrees Celsius are not concerning.

Sixty degrees Celsius are not concerning.

But what will you do when a hundred degrees Celsius prevail? What will you do when two hundred degrees Celsius prevail?

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