Recycling plastic not enough, warns U.N. environment chief


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So crack down on the movement of plastic waste from rivers into the ocean in developing countries. Because that is where the majority of it comes from. Although too much is overwrapped, changing first world supermarket products won't make much difference on the movement of plastic into oceans. https://u4d2z7k9.rocketcdn.me/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/plastic-carla1.jpg

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Right, but I don't think the plastic originates in the developing countries. I think, despite agreements made in 2019, that the developed world still continues to ship its plastic waste to the developing countries, often illegally.

In my opinion, if those developing countries are agreeing to take the waste, they should dispose of it, or recycle, reuse, whatever, properly. And the richer countries - with all of the resources - have a responsibility to do that too, of course.

US Continues to Ship Illegal Plastic Waste to Developing Countries- Report | Earth.Org

Rich countries are illegally exporting plastic trash to poor countries, data suggests | Grist

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A lot of recycling is basically just a pretense to distract people from the waste involved with single use plastic. In Japan, burning of plastic counts as and is the biggest form of "recycling" it (into heat energy).

If you think I am making this up, here are school materials clearly indicating this. The main 有効利用 (effective use) of waste plastic is 焼却 (incineration). This is stated with no shame whatsoever.


The focus on littering is also based on well-known corporate propaganda actively designed to shift blame from corporations (like Coca-Cola) for producing waste to individual consumers for not disposing of it properly.


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