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School's out: How climate change threatens education


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The denial that there exists a climate crisis related to a greenhouse process, and the obstinate objection to move from carbon to electric transportation and to clean electricity, despite the fact that such a move is easy and embodies modernization, are not a revelation of wisdom.

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GBR48, you say "There is no way we can manipulate the climate away from its current path", but you ignore the claim that there exist efficient and easy solutions that can indeed manipulate the climate away from its current path. You speak about "a part of the planet that is still habitable", but you ignore the fact that there are no isolated climate islands. Even Great Britain is not isolated. We have a connected set of oceans. We are all located on one single small ball, 93 million miles away from the sun.

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It goes further than education. We need to make all of our infrastructure more resilient. There is no way we can manipulate the climate away from its current path.

This is why nations are tightening their borders. As some countries become uninhabitable, governments want citizens of those countries to suffer and die at home rather than move to a part of the planet that is still habitable.

Except rich people. Rich people will be fine.

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A research done at Berkeley is mentioned above by Mie Fox. This research is described in an article with the header "Earth-sun distance dramatically alters seasons in equatorial Pacific in a 22,000-year cycle" by Robert Sanders.

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what is the alternative?

The alternative is to advance electric transportation and clean electricity. Electric cars have been proven to be better than petroleum cars. Solar electricity is proving itself efficient and inexpensive. The retention of electric energy produced during daylight time, and using this energy during the night, is proving itself possible and efficient. Yes, we can adapt to the mess we already made by relying on carbon, but we cannot adapt to a process wherein this mess is growing rampantly.

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Adults are causing the crisis

or not


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What makes you think that adaption is impossible

According to my view, which is obviously different from yours, we are talking here about something that is too bad and too dangerous. It is not something to play with. According to my view, we need to make every effort to curb the bad process. We are talking here about the very future of humankind.

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True enough, dev, but predictably some don't seem to agree with you. I think collective suicide will end up as the purely rational option, meaning, the one we all choose by default. If free will is a choice you make to extricate yourself from a self-destructive situation then I think this is ample evidence that we have none.

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Even if we abruptly discontinued all emissions of greenhouse gases the planet will still continue to warm for a few decades.

When a harmful mess is created, or when a dangerous fire is ignited, the thing to do is to clean the mess or extinguish the fire. To tackle the source of the problem. Urgently. Even if the bad trail will continue for a long time. There is a chance that the damage will be repaired gradually.

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It is impossible to adapt to the rapid warming up of our planet. The only thing to do, if we want to survive, is to stop the greenhouse process.

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Regardless of the cause, which I know people love to argue about until they are red in the face, these issues are important. Last year at the height of summer the kids werent allowed to play sports outside at school. It sounds harsh, but its genuinely dangerous. What changes can we make to make sure education is not adversely impacted by the changing climate.

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How climate change threatens education

The red rag has been flown again. The red mist will descend in some.

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