Shaky oasis for some polar bears found, but not for species


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So long, Polar Bears. You're not the first we've offed and you certainly won't be the last...

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"With the polar bear species in a fight for survival because of disappearing Arctic sea ice,"

Patently false statement. The polar bear total population has risen dramatically in the past 5 decades.

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Polar bears are very closely related to brown bears, and will eat many things. They tend to get fat on seals in the spring, when the seals are having babies on the ice. But that's going to continue for a long time, because winter/spring ice is everywhere in the Arctic area. What has been vanishing is summer ice.


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This story reminds me of what happened to the wooly mammoths.

Although they were hunted to near extinction 10,000 years ago, a few populations managed to survive on isolated islands for thousands of years. For instance, they lived on Wrangel Island, off of Siberia, until about 4,000 years ago, when the Egyptians were going strong.

The world will be a poorer place if the polar bears go extinct.

Ever wonder why there are no bears in Antarctica? It is too cold. Temps in the Arctic tend to bottom out at minus 40 F, but near the South Pole, they routinely get to minus 60 F, which the bears cannot handle. There would probably be penguins near the North Pole, if it were not for the bears.

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Thanks 1glenn re the Arctic/Antarctic differences, I’d never really put two and two together on that one.

You have to hope that in a few centuries’ time people aren’t going to be digging ancient polar bear remains out of the tundra and marvelling at the animals that once walked the earth- but then there probably won’t be any tundra left either, unless we get our asses in gear on global warming.

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