Social media greenwashing by fossil fuel interests 'rampant': study

By Issam AHMED

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Well, the conservative caveman lobby of fossil fuels does not stop trafficking in bribes, lies and deception..

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The vast majority of people care about a clean and more sustainable planet, but the climate change activists only seem to focus on CO2 emissions of first world countries and not the bad pollution in mostly third world countries. Pollution (toxic, air, garbage, etc) has been proven to cause disease, health problems, and even death. That doesn't make sense why they are not going after the biggest offenders of pollution and CO2. China, India, Middle East are all increasing their CO2 emissions.

So, when the most prominent climate change activists (politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, etc) focus on the biggest offenders of pollution and CO2, give up their private jets, and really live a green lifestyle like they are imposing on the populations, then I would listen a little more. However, the climate change activists are some of the worst green lifestyle offenders. The hypocrisy. Lol.

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