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Studying the otherworldly sounds in Antarctic waters


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Scientists have warned that rising ocean temperatures are impacting whales' body clock and migration cycles

The rising of the temperature of our planet, caused by the accelerated greenhouse process, is very rapid. At the moment there is still ice in Antarctica, but not for long. It will melt away soon.

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Humans are doing a lot to reverse the dumping of green house gases into the atmosphere, but will it be enough, done soon enough, to prevent catastrophes? Probably, almost certainly, what we are doing to save ourselves will not prevent many avoidable catastrophes.

Will we give up the effort to save ourselves? What will we do about the mass migrations that are likely to result from global warming? The millions of refugees from Syria, who fled a land devastated by not just an autocrat, but by a thousand year drought, are an indication of what is to come. Governments around the world are giving up on taking care of their people, and are concentrating on keeping a few privileged individuals in power and comfort. The people in those countries have little choice but to flee if they want to survive. Do we concentrate on only closing borders, or perhaps do we try to solve some of the larger problems leading to pressure on North American and European borders?

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Being a scientist in Antarctica sounds like fun. Had a chance to spend time in northern Greenland a long time ago. I ofter wonder what it would have been like if I had taken them up on the offer.

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