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Swiss climate policy in spotlight after court ruling


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The denial of the climate crisis is stupid and suicidal.

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Climate change is global. Switzerland can fund reductions in emissions anywhere on the planet, improving lives and communities in the Global South - those using coal and dumping their plastic in rivers, whilst reducing emissions more slowly at home where drastic cuts would see the economy devastated and the government kicked out of power. You can only move as fast as majority opinion permits in a democracy - on the big issues, that is usually generationally. Scientists and activists (who will not be particularly impacted by change - most of the kids in the photo won't lose their jobs or careers, or their homes when they can't pay their mortgages) may not have a problem with forcing restrictions on others, but it won't end well if they try.

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Switzerland has a population of fewer than 9 million, so no matter what they do, they are not going to be a major world polluter. Still, over half their power is generated by water turbines, they burn almost zero coal, and their railway system is 100% electrified. Concentrating on the Swiss Confederation as a source of pollution is a waste of time.

Contrast Switzerland's pollutions with the tailpipe exhausts in the US, or the burning of coal in China, and the differences are striking.

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