Swiss glaciers melting away at record rate

By Christophe VOGT and Elodie LE MAOU

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The gradual warming of the earth is not only melting glaciers in Switzerland but, in Siberia, China, North America, the Himalaya chain. And, even the Arctic waters are now warm enough for shipping. Is mankind sleeping walking into tomorrow's Hell?

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Big business/big conservative government and their supporters have brought us here.

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Glaciers are melting? Global warming has that effect. There may still be time to prevent the worst effects of global warming, but it is looking less likely that we will rise to the challenge.

I think that we will eventually do what is needed to save the environment, but not before billions of people are forced to move to higher ground due to the rise in the ocean level. It looks like there is going to be a lot of avoidable suffering.

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If the Greenland ice sheet melts, the ocean level will rise about 20 feet, displacing hundreds of millions of people.

If the Antarctic ice sheets melt, the ocean level will rise at least another 200 feet, displacing billions of people.

The melting of the mountain glaciers, such as in the Alps, is devastating to the local environments, but will have only a small impact on ocean levels.

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Ironically, if sea level rises 200 feet, many of the oil wells in the Middle East will be submerged.

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