Texas Republicans take aim at climate change – in textbooks

By Moises AVILA with Ulysse BELLIER in Washington

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I guess we can only hope that oil is used up before the climate in which humans can survive is destroyed.

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They can deny all they want. It will not end well for them.


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Going to take them awhile to find a biology textbook that embraces the bible, too.

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You can always tell a Texan but you can't tell them much ...........

Going to take them awhile to find a biology textbook that embraces the bible, too.

I bet you could find one here :


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Texas Republicans take aim at climate change – in textbooks


The big cities in the US are turning into Mad Max zones but I guess meaningless headlines like these get the resident clicks

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The denial of the climate crisis is stupid and suicidal. Our knowledge of physics and system theory tells us that in the wake of the inputs inserted by humans the climate system has become nonlinear and unstable. This system is full of malignant positive feedback loops that push it away from equilibrium. There are no stabilizing mechanisms whatsoever that can keep the climate system in equilibrium. But there is no need to be an expert: The rapid rise in temperature and humidity is visible to the naked eye. The catastrophic loss of our planet and the ultimate extermination of humanity are very near. There may still be a remedy: Getting out from energizing ourselves from carbon, and moving on to a new era of energizing ourselves from the sun's radiation and from heavy nuclei. That is easy to do, and should have been done a long time ago. However, there are powerful social forces that fight vehemently against this simple and obvious cure and against the attempt to salvage the planet and the human race. These enemies of the planet claim that moving to modern transportation based on electricity will ruin our society. These devils do not explain how can the usage of efficient, high performance and enjoyable electric cars ruin our society? And what society will remain when the temperature rises to hundreds of degrees Celsius and all the oceans boil and become steam?

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It's so weird, because Texans are generally the friendliest folks you're ever likely to meet.

God help them if they have Boards of Education!

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A few nutters have seized control of Republican politics, to the detriment of the rest of us.

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