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Philippines goes all in for natural gas, a climate pollutant


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This is satire, right?

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May as well, I suppose. It seems to be all over now anyway. It's every country for itself anyway, and the Earth can go to hell. It's the classic prisoner's dilemma.

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The Philippines may have made its decision to invest heavily in natural gas in part on the advice of the U.S. Agency for International Development, which encouraged the expansion, arguing in a 2021 paper that the country could realize “strong economic and environmental benefits” by using LNG to meet its energy needs. The paper came out as U.S. natural gas companies rapidly turned the United States into the world’s largest LNG exporter. U.S. President Joe Biden has recently delayed consideration of new export terminals.

I wonder who's selling more to the Philippines , US or Japan

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This is what you get when you have a bonehead for a 'leader'.

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The Philippines have historically been reliant on coal and oil for their power generation. Switching to natural gas will reduce emissions by about 50%, while they take the time to switch to green energy. That is what the US has been doing. Switching to natural gas (aka methane) is relatively quick and effective. It is what China should do, rather than building more coal burning plants. Building green energy plants is cost intensive and takes time, compared to switching to natural gas.

By the way, the Philippines is one of the largest producers of geothermal energy in the world, getting nearly 15% of their energy needs from that source. However, their development in solar power and wind is still minimal.

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If Wikipedia is correct, the Philippines' greenhouse gas emissions per capita are very small. About a third of the world average. I don't think it's a big problem.


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Better than Chinese coal.

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Switching to natural gas will reduce emissions by about 50%, while they take the time to switch to green energy.

There is no time. The state of the planet compels to switch to green energy immediately, if the inhabitants of this planet want to survive.

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