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Screens displaying the logo of U.S.-based McKinsey & Company, the world's top management consulting firm Image: AFP

Top consultancy McKinsey undermining climate change fight: whistleblowers

By Marlowe Hood and Lloyd Parry

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From what, I have heard and read. It is a very shady company. They charge premiums prices for basic management advice. They work both domestically and abroad. There has been lots of evidence that their advice causes more harm than good, but the companies name recognition, connections, and NDAs stifle any bad press allowing the company to operate in relative secret. They basically provide legal justifications and business practices for their clients to do bad things.

However, they have lots of highing paying contracts with dictatorships and authoritarian regimes abroad. For example, a theocratic government that relies on a religious book to control its citizens do not know necessarily standard management practices. They need to know how to present their business (resources) with being criticized for the methods of acuiring such resources. They secretly do business with people, businesses, or countries that the world has on various lists for humanitarian crimes.

This company is also a stepping stone and frat house for young IVY league grads fresh out business school before they become CEOs of companies like Google (cough, cough)!

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Money does the talking. Reducing emissions is secondary to the rich getting richer.

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The UN is just a huge cash cow for moneyed interests. past time to dissolve this worthless charade and start over.

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