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Trash tidal wave coats normally pristine Bali beach

By Dicky Bisinglasi

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It would be much easier and save energy to simply adapt; learn to appreciate piles of trash as a thing of beauty, and embrace the debris as an example of human achievement.

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Daniel san, hahaha

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Was it caused by a lack of garbage cans?

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What a complete disgrace for the world in general and Indonesia in particular.

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I’m sure glad I saw this now before planning a trip to go visit.

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Man-made plastic waste tsunami. You reap what you throw away.

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It starts and ends with excessive packaging. Japan, do something about it!

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If I lived in Indonesia, what could I do to avoid trash getting dumped into the ocean?

Is there a system of trash pickup, reuse, and disposal that does not involve dumping in the rivers and in the ocean?

Perhaps more thought needs to be given about how to solve this problem that works in all countries.

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A.) It's hard to believe all of that trash came from Indonesia. Every country with an ocean border has trashed it. B.) "It starts and ends with excessive packaging. Japan, do something about it!" So all that trash can from Japan? C.) The US and many other countries over-package. They have to to ensure customer safety. (Remember Tylenol tampering?) As well, many things need to be securely package to ensure quality. And, D.) Recycling could help. Unfortunately many companies don't use recycled material. The mentality of society needs to really adapt recycling seriously.

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