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UK sea levels rising quicker than century ago: study


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Yes, alarming 5.2 mm per year, that’s really extremely dangerous. I wonder how they always successfully manage to quickly react , evacuate everyone and avoid mass panic several times a day when the normal tide levels change from low to high tide and vice versa for quite several centimeters or meters. Irony off

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I am surprised we still have climate change deniers.

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World-wide floods and fires and other environmental calamities have just started. We have destabilized the Stable State of the Climate which is the resultant of interactions between massive and complex systems. By injection of additional CO2, the perturbed system now will oscillate between extremes until it finds a new Stable State. It may one not be conducive to human habitation.

I earned a Master of Science in this field in 1982, just in time for Reagan to destroy what we had achieved at that point. Now it is undeniable.

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UK met office has unfortunately been populated by climate zombie zealots. As usual, they are cherry picking data points again, rather as the fraudulent IPCC does. See a debunking of this latest report here:


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"We have destabilized the Stable State of the Climate..."

And when, pray tell, did this supposed "stable state" begin? Surely with your advanced degree you can clearly identify the point in history? Was it before or after the Medieval Warm Period? Or Perhaps before the extinction of the dinosaurs? Or in the Little Ice Age?

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The Environment Agency has urged people to use water "wisely" to protect supplies and the environment, after the Met Office said the first half of this year had been among the driest on record.

This will prevent sea levels from rising?

RedstormToday  03:34 pm JST

Well, I ask because once the sea surrounded Nagano the levels are going down then? There were sea fossils in our garden.

This article is about the UK and has nothing to do with Nagano.

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Sea level around Statue of Liberty in 1898 compared to 2017.


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Forgot to add, zoom in to the image above and you'll see the high tide mark is basically the same. The same can be done with any other famous coastal landmark anywhere in the world.

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RedstormToday  05:16 pm JST


you did not see the need to monitor @3:23pm?

No, because that comment had a logical nexus to the article's topic.

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Climate change is real. The world is warming. But it's a complete waste of time worrying about it, as the entire capitalist system will have to change before we have any chance of dealing with the causes. As long as we continue to allow the exploitation of the natural environment to enrich the 1%, Elon Musk's, Royal families and off shore tax cheats nothing will ever change. So, party on because it's all going down anyway.

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Go to any beach in Japan and you'll sea that the sand bar extends well past the point of high tide.

These means that long ago, well before SUVs were invented, the water line was much higher than it is today.

You should have paid more attention in geography class. There are sea creature fossils near the tops of mountains because the land sometimes rises; and sometimes falls. Buy yourself a book about plate tectonics.

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Paul14, then perhaps you can appreciate that there is historical subsidence in areas where there are claims of sea level change?

There are many areas which were previously inhabited and developed that have since become subseasurface ruins, many of which are located in the Mediterranean.

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