U.N.: 'Climate shocks' fueling multiple, looming food crises


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Europe and the Biden administration cheer on the war in Ukraine, the world's bread basket. Food shortages naturally follow.

Europe and the Biden administration;

"That dang climate change!"

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UN - Climate shocks' fueling multiple, looming food crises:

Compounding by negative impacts of continual COVID spread & Ukraine War blockage, erratic weather like drought/flood has hit hard on food supply, notably to African nations.

What could UN do to alleviate the situation? Any suggestion..?

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If you stop your humming and rrrring and supplied Ukrain with the air and ground weapons needed the Russia army would of pack up and run back home in the first 2 weeks.

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So many hotspots and countries in dire conditions. Surely we should have the smarts and the logistics to make sure people don’t starve to death. This was one of the success charts a few years back. Global percentage of people lifted out of abject poverty, guess it was short lived. Let’s see if humanity can come to humanities aid. Another big test, maybe THE big one.

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The war in Ukraine could have not happened

All the warnings were there at the end of the day

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And it will only get worse.

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U.N.: 'Climate shocks' fueling multiple, looming food crises

This was a conspiracy theory 6 months ago.

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These countries have always had problems driven by corruption and lack of foresight.

Let’s put the blame on the climate though....

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