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U.N. experts urge stringent rules to stop net zero greenwash


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Net zero anything is a ridiculous premise so no wonder the business world isn’t taking it seriously and resorted to sloganism for points. It’s what many of the politicians around the world do for a living anyway. Zero racism for example, although a nice poster, will never happen and we know this, zero evil, zero crime, zero anything. To an idealist sitting on his hammock it might sound worthy and full of love, but for people out in the real world dealing with real problems they know it is an unattainable goal.

How for one are we are going to stop the entire developing world from wanting to develop , and who’s going to break the bad news to them? Sorry guys, bad timing.

How about this? You should never speak in absolutes if you want to be taken seriously. Set realistic, attainable and transparent priorities and goals , including a workable roadmap and strategy, then perhaps the cynicism will begin to fade. Right now it’s a joke and a cruel one considering what’s happening in the world as we speak, real time. Food scarcity and an energy crisis are back thanks to bad policy decisions and lack of foresight. The actual ramifications of what has to happen for this net zero to become a reality, especially to the poorest nations is almost evil. Cut in half by 2030, I think we are dreaming. Sorry to spoil the feel good party but it’s time to be real.

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Talk is cheap, action is expensive. Behavioral change is tantamount to solving this problem, but no one wants to lose their money doing so. The inherent conflict of interest between capitalism and the benefit of the masses; therein lies the problem.

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Like cancer, it spreads gradually but could be too late and wait for the end of life by the time it's completely visible right next to us.

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