Vehicle pollution zone to cover all of London

By Jitendra JOSHI

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At the same time they also need to be improving public transit infrastructure and coming up with innovative ideas to move goods into cities without trucks/vans etc.

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quote: Similar schemes have been set up in several other British towns and cities.

They have been quite unpopular too, as councillors will discover at their next local government elections.

quote: improving public transit infrastructure.

Public transport is being cut back all over the place in the UK due to staff shortages, artificially hiked energy costs and strikes.

quote: innovative ideas to move goods into cities without trucks/vans etc.

The rail network is usually on strike now, so it is no longer a viable option. Helpfully, courier services are increasingly switching to EVs. Of course if you are volunteering to transfer goods intercity by rickshaw, go for it. Give them a call.

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Non stop stealth taxes on the masses. The poorest are always the most affected by these things.

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I could accept the original central congestion charge for all private vehicles but the latest plan to expand it to all of London is an outrage.

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This is a tax, stealth or otherwise.

And as falseflagsteve rightfully stated the most venerable in London communities will have to cough up.

From a supposed mayor labour

All hiding behind Sadiq Khan "helping to clean London's air and set an example for cities around the world"

This policy will hit the poorest, because the costs will be passed on.

London voted for Sadiq Khan.

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There is something much worse than pollution: The rise of the temperature.

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I have a property in London brought with a loan/mortgage a decade and a bit ago.

My father brought the flat from the council in Thatcher's Britain.

The cost of renovation, everything you can wave a stick at, roof windows etc was expensive so I took over the liability.

The family that rent the property sold their car, travel everywhere on bikes.

I give them months before they will inform me the flat is unaffordable.

Sadiq Khan Mayor has turned the capital into an elitist enclave for the wealthy.

Worst of all this family are my friends.


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Good, they should extend the congestion charge too. Wood burners also need to go, completely unnecessary in a big city and they cause a third of the harmful pollutants in London every winter.

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