Warming climate upends Arctic mining town

By Pierre-Henry DESHAYES

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And still the capitalist system is allowed to run rampant. Allowing individuals and business to profiteer at the expense of the environment. And we all continue to suffer. Things can only get worse.

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"Now it is human-caused climate change that is making its mark on the landscape here."

OK, take out the word "human-caused" and I can agree. The climate has warmed and cooled at various times in the past all without humans. Perhaps we are contributing to the warming trend, but even that is really difficult to say with scientific precision. I don't think we understand all the factors that influence the climate well enough to really say that as fact. I know that is the "party line" and no other opinions are allowed, so this will stir up a huge hornets nest probably, but I just don't think there is enough evidence to say that humans are the cause of climate change. Neither is there enough evidence to say that spending trillions of dollars to try to address it will make a hill of a beans worth of a difference. This all assumes that we have a proper understanding of climate change and it's causes and I just don't think that we do.

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take out the word "human-caused" and I can agree. 

No ideology here folks. Carry on.

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