What's the plan for this year's COP28 climate summit?

By Kate Abnett

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Of course while they want the plebs to eat insects and stuff like that, it’s vile and hypocritical.

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What's the plan?

Private jets, Bentley limos and 20 course meals with caviar.

and discussions about how to tax the working class under the guise of carbon emissions to pay for it all.

Don't forget the endless stream of press releases telling us how much they really care and "what must be done." Just in case we forget.

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Who's "they"? At COP, each country is sharing their own plans and actions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yes it sounds pretty vile right? Nobody is forced (or forcing you) to do anything.

Of course while they want the plebs to eat insects and stuff like that, it’s vile and hypocritical

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Keep in mind that this is taking place in Dubai. Some posters here are more scared of progress on climate change than the government of Dubai, lol.

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to fly there by jets,produce extra carbon print and talk endlessly about global warming...spend taxpayers money for good party,staying in nice hotels and for good food and drinks.

business as usual.

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Bugger lo is scientific in the stuff you comment on. Wrong about Covid, climate change and many other things

What,sources do you using,Steve?

Are they,well qualify,and sincere?

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Not using the sources that said the world would be screwed by 2030 by world flooding. I’m not an extremist mentalist who believe fairy tales

Don’t be coy. What sources are you using?

If it’s rightwing North American podcasts, say so.

You’re among friends here.

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Not using the sources that said the world would be screwed by 2030 by world flooding. I’m not an extremist mentalist who believe fairy tales.

You are just again pretending the scientific consensus of the world, all and every institution of science in the world is lying (because of a supposed conspiracy) for which you present no evidence (of the conspiracy nor the lies). That is enough to understand you have no basis for your claims, they are being debunked by the experts and you are left only with strawman and calling the scientific consensus "fairy tales".

That is an extremely irrational position to take.

There is of course man made effects that have increased global warming but the people that don’t comment negatively on a group of millionaires and billionaires flying into this event and using 5 star restaurants to dine on cuisines exported from the far reaches of the world at massive cost don’t mention that as an oxymoron are astounding.

The problem is not about elites acting as the elites again, the problem is trying to use their actions as if magically justified acting in the same way or demonstrated the scientific consensus as false. Nobody is going to feel sorry for people criticizing those in power for not making sacrifices, the invalid part comes from making invalid claims based on that.

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check on past comments made by the great leader of all this BS. Greta, the millionaire daughter of millionaires.

Greta Thunberg is not a millionaire nor are her parents. You might not agree with her but she has the right to speak out. She received an award of 1 million euros, which she donated to causes she believed in.

Have you been invited to speak at the UN on climate change?

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The denial of the climate crisis is stupid and suicidal. Our knowledge of physics and system theory tells us that in the wake of the inputs inserted by humans the climate system has become nonlinear and unstable. This system is full of malignant positive feedback loops that push it away from equilibrium. There are no stabilizing mechanisms whatsoever that can keep the climate system in equilibrium. But there is no need to be an expert: The rapid rise in temperature and humidity is visible to the naked eye. The catastrophic loss of our planet and the ultimate extermination of humanity are very near. There may still be a remedy: Getting out from energizing ourselves from carbon, and moving on to a new era of energizing ourselves from the sun's radiation and from heavy nuclei. That is easy to do, and should have been done a long time ago. However, there are powerful social forces that fight vehemently against this simple and obvious cure and against the attempt to salvage the planet and the human race. These enemies of the planet claim that moving to modern transportation based on electricity will ruin our society. These devils do not explain how can the usage of efficient, high performance and enjoyable electric cars ruin our society? And what society will remain when the temperature rises to hundreds of degrees Celsius and all the oceans boil and become steam?

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Planet Earth is thirsting for tender care, respect, and understanding. Wishing the participating world leaders, their followers, and their challengers success in their mission at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai.

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China has 18 million EVs on the road.

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Cop is just hot air with vague vows and promises being made

There are now better, lighter and more flexible solar panels which should be on roofs, cars, boats etc

Governments and companies don’t want end users to have power self sufficiency and autonomy without their cut hence the centralized nuclear power plants

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