Why are climate activists calling for reparations?

By Issam AHMED

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I will consider this as reasonable for any countries/peoples that don't use climate impacting apparatus such as fossil fuels (autos, power, all of it), cement, synthetic fertilizer, etc. Pakistan doesn't qualify. Maybe some Amazonian people deserve it, a few islands in SE Asia, maybe a couple others. Nope for anyone else.

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But the issue is sensitive for rich countries -- especially the United States, the largest emitter of GHGs historically 

No - that would be China by a good margin. Nobody else is even close. Conveniently, Pakistan is one of China's few close allies - surely China will be ready to help.

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Think that climate change is responsible for all this is like saying it is your neighbour's fault you got too much rain.

Building infrastructures and following a building permit policy allows go mitigate natural catastrophes. It is called prevention.

Before it was God's fault, now should it be always your neighbour's while there are so many proofs of catastrophes in the past, some way more serious ?

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Why should humans and countries get paid reparations for environmental Injustice? Give nature rights and then pay reparations to the ecology so people in countries can benefit.

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Only thing theyvgetting from American is a hard time,it hard establish claim,when 10 of thousands of American die from exposure to environmental pollution,we got plenty of land though

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“Environmental injustice”? Sounds like the guard forgot to lock the asylum door again.

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The climate warming is not of interest.

Forty degrees Celsius are not concerning.

Fifty degrees Celsius are not concerning.

Sixty degrees Celsius are not concerning.

But what will you do when a hundred degrees Celsius prevail? What will you do when two hundred degrees Celsius prevail?

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Why are climate activists calling for reparations?

Perhaps because they want money?

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