Why Australia is battling floods again

By Sonali Paul

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Why is Australia battling floods again ?

Too much rain would be my first guess.

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What used to be unusual torrential rainstorms are becoming common, due to global warming. What used to be recognized as flood plains have seen human settlement move in, and infrastructure such as bridges was not designed to handle the torrential rains. If people had not haphazardly moved into the floodplains, there would be much less of a problem.

I have seen a similar disregard for the historical flood plains here in South Cal, as well, the difference being that we have not recently been hit with a 100 year rain storm. Moving around the southland, one can see how high the floods went, the last time they hit. There might be as many as a million people living in the flood plains now, in places that are obviously below the top of the flood level, and it is a major disaster waiting to happen. It is going to be very ugly when tens of thousands of families are flooded out of their homes, with no roads available to take them out. If I were shopping for a house or an apartment, I would not move into a place that will probably be flooded.

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Absolutely- it's a no-brainer!

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If the country had any brains it would have built mega dams in the interior and used the rains of the last 2 years to fill them. How hard is it? Land on the coast is becoming absolutely unaffordable, not to mention increasingly damaging to the ecosystems of the coast. Fertile coastal stretches used for housing is dumb. People need to move inland, but nothing happens without fresh water access.

Its always been the dream but Australia is run by a very stupid and an extremely lazy, unambitious political class. who are far, FAR too comfortable with their excessive public service salaries.

In saying all that, building a single dam would take a decade in Australia because everything happens as slow as a snail and is absolutely prohibitive to build.

The train lines in the Blue Mountains is cut and there predicting potentially up to a year to repair the lines from a smple landslide. Its absolutely laughable.

Anywhere in Asia it would be fixed in a month. Tops.

The Harbour bridge literally couldnt be built in Australia today. Would take far too long and cost far too much. Send the state bankrupt.

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