Won’t you share your favorite spots in Japan?

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Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is now accepting applications for international residents who want to share their favorite travel experiences in Japan. Would you like to join the influencer seminar instructed by a top influencer based in Japan, or participate in our #MyBestJapanMoments social media campaign?

JNTO will be conducting two projects: a seminar to cultivate future professional influencers, and a social media campaign for international residents in Japan to share their favorite and unique travel experiences in the country.

1. Influencer Seminar

JNTO will be conducting an influencer seminar for international residents in Japan who wish to raise their video production and social media skills, or simply share their unique experiences in Japan to a wider audience.



From unique spots in Tokyo to each area’s local street foods, she has worked with local governments and tourism bureaus to introduce lesser-known parts of Japan. She has also participated in the largest co-working network talk session in the Asia-Pacific region and has a rich experience as a public speaker. She has also been a host on Discovery Channel, featured on different TV channels including NHK and local news.

Seminar Overview

The seminar is scheduled to have one online lecture and an online group discussion. During the online lecture, the lecturer will share basic know-how on video production and things to be careful of when creating contents. For the online group discussion, the lecturer will evaluate the videos that each participant has made, provide feedback and conduct a discussion session with the participants. As such, participants will be expected to create their own video during the period between the first online lecture and the online discussion. Video production cost will partly be covered by JNTO.

● Seminar Contents

1.Channel introduction, self-branding, account management

2.Tips and tricks for choosing topic and shooting contents

3.Tips and tricks for editing, things to note when publishing contents

● Seminar dates:

Online Session:

December 18, 2021

Online Follow-up session:

January 29, 2022

● Online Seminar tool:


● Eligibility

1.Currently residing in Japan and can communicate in English.

※The seminar will be held in English.

2.Have a valid student, working, dependent, spousal, or permanent residence visa (the remaining period of stay should be over one year)

3.Have posted original photos and/or videos regarding traveling or living in Japan at least on average once per month for the last six months to social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

4.Have never worked as professional influencer for public institutions or private companies

5.Want to make a living as professional influencer by sharing travel and life in Japan

●Application Method

Fill in the Google form


● Application period: Monday, October 18, 2021 ~ Friday, November 19, 2021

● Official Website:

2. Share your recommended Japan social media campaign


JNTO calls upon international residents in Japan to share their most memorable travel moments in Japan. Ten lucky people will be presented with 50,000 yen worth of travel vouchers that can be used for domestic travel. The theme for this campaign is The theme for this campaign is #“My Best Japan Moments.” Join in and share your most memorable moments from the changing of seasons, seasonal scenery to small unique things you found in your daily life in Japan with your friends and families overseas. Lastly, don’t forget to put photos, caption, and hashtag for your social media posts!

Campaign overview

● Target applicants: International residents currently living in Japan

● Participation method

① Follow campaign page

② Post your photos, videos, and caption with the following hashtags



● Theme

My Best Japan Moments

● Application Requirements

・Participants should use only images and/or videos whose copyright belongs to them.

・Contents should include images and/or videos in addition to texts.

※Video length should be no longer than one minute

● Application Period:

Monday, November 1, 2021 ~ Tuesday, January 11, 2022

※Do not remove your posts before February 28, 2022

● Prizes

10 selected applicants will receive 50,000-yen worth of domestic travel vouchers and travel goods (Activities Catalog, Transportation Voucher etc)

※ This campaign is also announced in other languages including Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean. And a total of 10 participants across the regions will be selected.


■ Terms and Conditions

・One person can apply/post their contents multiple times

・Each selected applicant may only receive one prize regardless of multiple applications during the campaign period.

・This campaign is for international residents currently living in Japan.

・Selected applicants will be contacted through Direct Messages along with the confirmation of shipping information including name, address, phone number, etc. The prize will be void if there is no reply within two weeks.

・The 10 winners will be announced on the official campaign website and social media account.

・Your social media accounts should be set as “public.”

・Neither Facebook nor any other social media company is involved in this campaign.

・Responsibility for participating in this campaign rests fully with each applicant. Unless it results from an intentional decision or from serious negligence, JNTO and its coordinating company are not responsible for any issues relating to the participation in the campaign.

・JNTO and its coordinating company may re-use some of the posted contents. Some re-use examples include announcing the winners of this campaign on JNTO’s official website and social media, or as materials for a JNTO activity report on its HP or other documents, or as materials to be included in the project summary.

・Any works used for the campaign should belong to the applicants (photographer). Any portrait showing a third party used for the campaign, or those submitted to the organizer (JNTO) or to campaign coordinator (Vector Inc.) should respect the privacy and copyright of the affected person(s) and receive prior consent from the rights owner before submission. The campaign organizer and coordinator shall not be involved in any matters pertaining to costs and troubles that may occur due to violation of third-party publicity rights, personality rights, and/or copyrights.

・The campaign coordinator is not responsible for any damages occurring from the participants or any third party relating to the intellectual property used in the campaign.

・Details on the prizes may change without prior notice.

・The campaign may be cancelled or changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

・This campaign is organized by JNTO and coordinated by Vector Inc. For inquiries regarding this campaign, please contact

・The organizer is not responsible for network troubles during application and for any damages to the device used for registration and application process.

・Communication and network related costs shall be covered by participants.

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If there's one thing worse than q YouTuber, it's an 'influencer'.

How incredibly self important people are becoming nowadays.

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