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International Robot Exhibition 2011

Nov. 8, 2011 - Nov. 13, 2011

This show is designed to provide a place to exhibit robots and related equipments in order to enhance market awareness of new technology. At the same time, the show is to be a medium to promote new products and to develop new business through contributing the promotion of new technology.


General: 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for students.

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Hey! I think I'll go check it out!

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Should be free.

This would be like charging you admission to get into a car showroom at Toyota.

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Wow, I wonder what it would be like.

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It was fun and interesting. Both industrial and service robots were featured. Some companies you wouldn't associate with robotics had some really good exhibits. Daiwa House showcased three items. One was a therapy robot in the shape of a seal. The seal had a pacifier in its mouth (kawaiiiiiiii!). I think the pacifier served as the power cord. I'm not sure though. Another was a device to help partially disabled (hips down) walk. I forgot what the third was but I was blown away. Who knew that a housing company would have a robotics division?!

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Japan does a LOT of robot research, development, etc. Most don't make the major news.

Last one I recall was a ball-shaped surveillance drone that cost under $1000, way below cost of similar overseas devices and out-performed them(was still a test one).

Japanese robotic research is into an altogether direction from overseas ones but much data, AI, etc is shared globally.

Seen the mass-produced controlled robot(human Pilot) that walks and shoots(old news/years ago). This is a private venture(low fundings).


There also was a working exo-skeleton that rivals HAL and stealth suit.

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Now what could better funding produce putting all(asimo, landwalker, etc) those together?

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