Pink Ribbon Walk on April 15 to promote breast cancer awareness

From Apr. 15, 2018

The 17th annual Pink Ribbon Walk in Tokyo will be held at Odaiba on April 15. Walk or run through 170 thousand tulips (imagine 400 types!) and visit all of the exciting booths, such as the Pink Ribbon Donut Cafe, a photo #hashtag booth, and a mammography info booth! Wear your best pink outfit and help fight and learn about breast cancer awareness this April.


500 yen from your entry fee will be donated to your Pink Ribbon Pin.

Registration Period

Until April 1

Register here.

  • Venue: Odaiba Symbol Promenade Park
  • Address: 1 & 2-chome, Aomi
  • Date: April 15, 2018
  • Time: 10:30 am JST
  • Map: Google map
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I would rather see money spent on research and treatment, instead of always "awareness".

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Awareness leads to early diagnosis, more donations to cancer research and better support to those with cancer.

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a good cause... but why focus on breast cancer which has a very high survival rate, instead of pancreatic cancer which has a very very low suvival rate?also why not focus on a cancer that affects both women and men.

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