Solve 'The Underground Mysteries 2016' on Tokyo Metro

Oct. 3, 2016
By Marina Hanihara

If you are looking for an opportunity for an adventurous expedition around Tokyo while solving trivial puzzles with your friends and family in a joint effort, then the Scrap-Tokyo Metro collaboration game "The Underground Mysteries 2016" is a must-try for you.

A project by Tokyo Metro and puzzle event creator Scrap (known for the reality mystery-solving "Real Escape Game"), this head-scratcher, which began Oct 1, allows participants to explore some of Tokyo’s best locations in an attempt to solve the final question on the puzzle guidebook. Participants go on a journey from station to station and from exit to exit, while searching for clues. Offered in two languages, Japanese and English, you must use all of the materials provided in the game kit (and a lot of thinking) to solve some of the trickiest questions. While this game will certainly “puzzle” you from time to time (or let’s be honest — most of the time), there is nothing better than celebrating the moment of victory once you solve every puzzle.

To play this game, you must first purchase a game kit (¥2,160) at the Tokyo Metro Pass Office at Ueno Station (anytime between 7:40 a.m. to 8 p.m.). In the kit you will find an official puzzle guidebook with all the instructions, a Tokyo Metro network map, a train-shaped perception card, a pencil to solve the questions (bring along your erasers, as there will be a lot of trials and errors), and lastly a train ticket available for 24 hours from the moment you first ride the metro. This is all included inside an efficiently-designed plastic folder with removable handles, perfect to keep around your desk as a memento and show off your triumph to your colleagues.

After taking a deep breath to ready your soul and brain, solve the first set of mission to start your adventure. This will take you to a couple of Tokyo Metro stations, where you will hunt (literally) for various hints to proceed to the next assignment.

Use all your senses (especially observation skills), pay attention to every possible detail, and constantly change your perspectives. Hints may or may not be scattered all around. Get together with your team for insights, or you can also compete among yourselves to see who gets the answers first. If you get stuck, worry not. Take your time, as there is no time limit; do stop by the nearest restaurants or cafes featured in the guidebook and have a lunch break. You can also refer to the series of helpful tips that is offered on the website, to which you can access by simply scanning the QR code on the guidebook.

After solving (or some may prefer to say, surviving through) the given missions on the guidebook, you will be challenged with the final task of solving for the final question. After moments of head-scratching and brain-bafflement, you will finally (fingers crossed) be lead to your final destination where all will come together.

A few last words of advice: we highly recommend you bring your friends or family along for a joint effort.Not only will you have someone to celebrate with the successful puzzle-solving moments, but also the more the merrier to survive this mystery solving game. In total, the game is estimated to take about four to five hours to complete; however we suggest devoting a whole day to it. It is definitely worth spending some time for some puzzle-solving, strategy-planning session with your team, and don’t forget to drop by the activity stops and other fun sights recommended on the guidebook. Do mark your dates, "The Underground Mysteries 2016" runs only until January 31.

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Take an eski full of "travellers" and I'm sure it'll be even more fun!

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I'll miss this by some months... damn, looks like fun

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I'm surprised they are encouraging this. I mean there are already enough passengers walking around the Tokyo Metro dangerously glued to their smartphones. Isn't this game going to cause safety issues and just be another meiwaku to other passengers?

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