Tokyo Coding Club launches summer 6 days 5 nights STEM programs at Hakuba, Myoko, central Tokyo for ages 7-18


Unleash your child’s creativity this summer through STEM!

Tokyo Coding Club will be providing overnight summer camps this year in and outside of Tokyo by partnering with hotels in Hakuba, Nagano prefecture and Myoko, Niigata Prefecture, to offer STEM classes (programming, robotics, design & animation and video editing) combined with outdoor activities.


Lessons and activities will be conducted in English by our professional instructors.

Here, you push past the boundaries of school, finding your partners and bonding over the latest tech. This isn’t just a normal STEM camp, it’s an experience unlike any other.


Led by expert and professional instructors, you experience “Eureka” moments, achievements that make you proud, challenges that help you develop.

With each line of code improved, each video game produced and every obstacle surmounted, you build skills to forge a bright future.

[Seats Are Limited]

Fun & Exciting Summer STEM Programs & Camps 2021 By Tokyo's Top STEM School, Tokyo

Coding Club For Ages 7-18. From June 2021 to September 2021 - Reservations are now open.



Students can pick 2-3 subjects of their choice as options for the camp:

Programming – age 7+

a) Coding With Minecraft

b) Programming With Python

c) Game Development With Roblox

d) Game Development With Python

e) Fortnite Unreal Engine Game Development

g) Programming (Java, C, C++, Html, Javascript and many more) – please state your preference, subject to availability

Robotics – age 7+

a) Robotics With Arduino

b) Robotics With Sphero and RVR

c) Robotics With 3D Printing

Digital Creatives – age 7+

a) 3D Printing

b) Adobe Animate

c) Youtube Vlogging

d) Twitch Game Streaming

Custom Tech – age 11 +

a) Artificial Intelligence

b) Data Science

c) Cyber Security

d) Advanced Robotics – ROS

Note: If you have a subject that is not listed here, please contact us at

Event information

To learn more about the event:

To register for this event:

For more information, please visit the school's website:

Other Summer Programs

  1. STEM & Digital Creatives Programs At Our Locations In Tokyo
  2. Online STEM Programs

Tokyo Coding Club Locations:

  1. Main Office

Sunlit Nishiazabu SD Building 3rd Floor, Nishi Azabu 3-24-16, Minato Ward, Tokyo

  1. Tokyo American Club (Recreation)

2 Chome-1-2 Azabudai 2-1-2, Minato Ward, Tokyo

  1. Gymboree (Pre-School & Elementary): Motoazabu, Jiyugaoka, Asagaya
  2. Victory International School Saitama: 1-14-20 Central, Kasukabe, Saitama 344-0067

Tokyo Coding Club's main office

About Tokyo Coding Club - Top STEM & Digital Creatives Programs In The Heart Of Tokyo

Tokyo Coding Club is a year-round after school/weekend program which serves as a platform for young aspiring engineers and creators (aged 7-18) to study key skills for future employment.

The club aims for students to unleash their passion and creativity through computer science and the new world of digital arts, allowing them to realize that they too can be a part of creating the modern world.

Together with Youth Who Code Japan, Tokyo Coding Club also aims to reach out to underrepresented communities, empowering them with STEM skills and bridging the gender gap in STEM. Tokyo Coding Club recently held a inter-school hackathon 2021 that included students from:

  1. American School In Japan
  2. British School In Japan
  3. St Mary's International School
  4. Indian International School Japan

... and many more

Upcoming events include Japan’s first international youth coders summit 2021 and also Japan’s all women university hackathon. For more information, please visit

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This is good. Catch them young.

I started coding only at the age of 15. Those were the days when Java was ruling the world in the early days of the internet but my school curriculum only taught C, so I had to learn Java on my own from online resources.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

My son would love this, however, I would not send him during this pandemic.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Year back my daughter would go to these things and get really bored and upset because they would separate the girls as is common even in the west.

The idea was to make it more "female interest" but all it actually did was bore the crap out of them.

The idea that girls that like IT have basically the same likes as boys that are into IT was not acceptable.

The idea is/was that girls don't go into STEM because the subjects were not female oriented or female interest.

In reality girls in STEM are just like the guys in STEM a little strange out of the mainstream thinking and like the same things.

My daughter graduated university with a master's in AI.

All her male and female friends are as strange as she is and they have a great time until some "outsider" comes along and tries telling them how STEM needs to change to be more "inclusive"

These are the nerds/Otaku that got picked on most of their lives for being different both the girls and boys the one things they don't want is for the "in crowd" to come along and again make them the outcasts.

When my daughter and her friends come here and get together I have no idea what they are going on about but they live in their strange little world and quite happily.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Summer camps in Japan are for kids at international schools who get long summer holidays typically starting in June. My kids are in regular Japanese school and they don't break up until August 1 or thereabouts. They only get three weeks.

These camps sound fun. Lots of outdoor stuff, but not that much actual coding, maybe to sell them to parents who've not fully embraced their child's inner nerd.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

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