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Fariza Abidova: A life of loosening the knots of global miscommunication

By Kathryn Wortley

Fariza Abidova aspires for her online global business expansion platform, Trusted Corporation, “to be for business what Google is for information.” It’s ambitious for the 32-year-old serial entrepreneur as the company was launched only last year, but one thing you’d learn about her is that she’s never been put off by a challenge.

Growing up in a Muslim family in Uzbekistan, she was determined to fulfill her childhood dream of studying in Japan despite her family not been able to fund it. In one year she started from scratch to reach an advanced level of Japanese in order to secure a scholarship from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

A fluent speaker of seven languages, she soon developed an interest in cross-cultural communication and how it might affect businesses in Japan.

Abidova, founder and CEO of two firms, spoke to Savvy Tokyo about cultural differences in Japan, why she continues to look for opportunities, and how she manages it all.

What brought you to Japan?

I knew about Japan through samurai and ninja movies that my father used to watch. I didn’t know it was Japan but I was curious about it. At university, I studied English linguistics and Japanese as a second language because kanji were really interesting for me. Every letter has a meaning and the order in which it is written is cool.

Since I was 12 it was my dream to go abroad and experience Japanese culture. When I won the scholarship I came to study in Kobe. It’s a great, international city. The people would stop me on the street and ask where I was from; they were really friendly. I really love Japan because of that.

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wow.  nice to see a fellow gaijin lady successful in Japan.  Gambari-masho!

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I met Fariza one time. She is very cool, well spoken, and her story is quite inspirational. I wish her all the luck in the world, as I was very impressed with her.

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