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Kirin adopts healthier path in search for growth

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By Taiga Uranaka and Ritsuko Shimizu

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Dear Isozaki San,

There is a very interesting possibility for Kirin to expand it's beer sales, get global attention with it and , brew a top 25 beer in the world. And no, I am not in the beer business, but in the marketing business.  And that right at home.

Second I agree Kirin needs to make acquisitions, at realistic prices, considering indeed that the current trend is for beer sales to go down further.  Something to remember about health drinks, making them industrially or on big scale is a direct contradiction.  Water , I understand of course, but also bottled water is on the decline, in many countries. And if Kirin really cares about healthy drinks, which is different from " health drinks ",  than I suggest you throw out all your plastic packaging and keep only glass bottles and cans.    

With a steadily declining market, Sapporo becomes more and more vulnerable and will fall, to one of the big three in the next decade ( or worse, a foreign investor).  So, if I was Kirin, I would be full on that one.  Besides, they are the smallest of the big 4 but make the best beer, than Kirin, than Suntory and than that sweet beer called for some reason Asahi dry.

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