executive impact

Ridding space of old satellites and debris

By Ivan Couronne

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Add more junk in space to get rid of more junk in space. What about her other junk satellites she wanted to launch just to create artificial meteor showers. That's not considered junk?

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The answers to the reporter’s questions are very general, vague and elusive.

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Bought an app for my phone a few years ago to help keep track of the ISS and the planets. What I did not expect was the overwhelming number of spent rocket bodies that are in orbit. The app does not show the smaller debris in orbit, only the larger ones, but those rocket bodies seem to far outnumber the actual intended satellites up there.

Regarding the many upper stage rocket bodies that are in orbit, seems to me that it is past the time to design them with secondary rockets attached whose only purpose is to assist them to reenter the atmosphere, for the purpose of getting them out of orbit.

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Goos for him! I wish him much success!

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I apoligize for the typo.

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On phone and unable to correct.

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Marie Kondo in space

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