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Toyota executive: Tariffs will raise costs, drive up prices


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Toyota actually makes more cars in USA than some considered domestic brands. Kudos Toyota and makes the most reliable cars in the world :)

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I have read that the best businessmen are constantly looking for the win-win deal, but it seems that Trump's Trade War is nothing but a lose-lose deal.

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Toyota & Mazda & Suzuki still have a upper hand in all countries except Nissan , although , this year Nissan is number 3 in Japan but now Nissan is wipe from the map in the world because they have very poor Japanese management due to their current Japanese president. Gambatte Toyota, & other Japanese cars. Nissan current Japanese team are not worth anything after Carlos Ghosn. Good Japanese are not fools and are very ashamed of the current management of Nissan after Carlos.

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@Will Goode, do a search for New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI). It was a factory in Fremont, California that was jointly operated by Toyota and GM. I believe GM ran into financial issues and pulled out about 10 years ago. Toyota was left all alone with the plant, but the problem was that it was the only Toyota plant in the US that was non-union. In other parts of then country, plant workers would protest in front of Toyota dealerships to complain about “unfairly” hiring non-union factory labor. It became too big of a liability for Toyota, so they sold it to Tesla Motors a few years ago. Now, it is where Teslas are made.

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You mention Toyota and Mazda working together, and of course we all know about Nissan Mitsubishi and Renault, does anyone see a Japanese company working more directly with an American one like Ford or General Motors ?

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