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Yamato Transport plans automated facility to beat labor shortage

By Taiga Uranaka and Ritsuko Shimizu

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They provide the best services in Japan. Hats off!

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Yamato Management ~ READ THIS ~ Yamato is good and quality ~ but management should recognize this position of market leadership and "stick" higher pricing to Amazon and other companies as really those companies have no where else or anyone else they can use in Tokyo! So Yam,ato management ~ listen to this advice..a) Raise your prices 15%, b) Employ more people and pay more incentives to staff and c) Good job with more automated systems coming g in like this one in Tokyo. Finally realise your position and force clients to pay 15% more ..problem solved and every shareholder wins and extra money can upgrade services more!

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I bet neither of you have ever been inside a Yamato distribution center before.

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If they are doing more business, how can there be "pressure" on profits?

This is a rhetrorical question. They do not want to pay more for thier increased profits.

Capital investment is a requirement in any business that wants to stay in business. Capital investment in automation can help with profits, until the future repair bill comes due, as almost all automated system are bespoke. (meaning it is customized and upgrades and repairs can only comes from the original company) And that is where they get you.

Being able to "modularize" the automation is the key to future profits.

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“So Yam,ato management ~ listen to this advice..a) Raise your prices 15%,...”

Price raises by Yamato we’re in the news in recent months. Did you miss that news, or do you think they should raise their prices again?

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