'Extremely Loud' director calls for more 9/11 films


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∑hy is he amazed? No film needed. There are thousands of videos of the real thing.

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Those kind of things should not happen again in any way....both sides must be shameful,

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No need for movies about 9/11, because this entire past decade has been defined and saturated by it from start to end. In that respect, sure...it might be exactly the excuse I need to make a movie about it....however, I think people are tired of it, and just want to think about something else than 9/11 and the numerous wars it indirectly started. I need happy movies.

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The complete story of 9/11 - rather than the "official" one would make a great movie!

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I saw this film the other day and really enjoyed it, despite the sad storyline. I didn't know beforehand what it was about - if I had, I might not have wanted to watch it, but am glad I did. t does have certain unrealistic aspects, mostly pertaining to the boy's precociousness (but that's supposed to be explained away by his condition). I kind of see what Daldry means, he doesn't mean films about 9/11, but given that it's been such an enormous part of that past decade and the cause of a lot of world events, you'd think that more films would at least mention it - it's touched and affected so many people in so many countries.

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It sort of amazes me really that more films aren’t made about 9/11.

To be honest, Hollywood moves only get made if they have international appeal. This is how production cost is recovered. And the fact is, outside the US there is no market for 9/11 movies.

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ENOUGH.. its depressing as it is.. how many more times do they need to instill this into people??

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The only decent documentary that has facts on 911 is the documentary 'Loose Change' which you can see at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3MN9382eGY

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@j4p4nFTW "no market for 9/11 movies"--Don't know about that because I remember Farenheit 9/11 playing to a packed house at the theater in Osaka where I viewed it.

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Why pay money to become depressed? the slump in ticket prices for depressing films has dropped, which is why no one wants to make them as it doesnt appeal to the masses and no one wants to feel like crap coming out of the cinema..

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To make profit on a film off such a topic is low anyhow..

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@anglootaku: "EL&IC" is not per se a "depressing" film. It has sad aspects, but the ultimate message is not of doom and misery. Watch it, and then you can categorise it and comment on its quality.

To not make profit from a sad historical event, we'd have to cancel 80% or more of all films. What an awful thought, anyway - "Let's ONLY make happy films!" There'd be nothing worth watching after a few years.

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@Maria The topic itself is depressing regardless of subplots about a kid with a key looking for a locker.. couldn't the director have made the movie of the father dieing in some other scenario, maybe the Tsunami in Japan for example.. would of been a lot better cause its recent and a NATURAL occurrence..

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To make such a film in a way to not receive extreme ire from somebody would mean a very specific formula of watering down. If I even just mention "Dancing Israelis" I bet someone just got irate. If they showed Osama bin Laden meeting with fellow plotters, people would upset if he just did not look or act evil enough. How to portray the hijackers? Can we show sympathy for the fact that most probably did not know it was a suicide mission? How to portray Mohamad Atta? As a raving suicide lunatic? Or can we discuss his frustration with American foreign policy as having a shred of validity in itself even if not as a valid basis for the attack? Do we show all passengers over Pennsylvania in the light of courageous solidarity, or do we portray some cowering in the corner? And if some are cowering, whose relatives? Do we hint that the government might have been involved, even if its just meant as a misleading hint like we always find?

I could go on an on, and every point will be enhanced by the fact that so many Americans refuse to come to grips with reality and a liable to just throw a tantrum if something does not agree with their palate. The whole subject is a minefield. Why would anyone want to touch it with a ten foot pole?

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9/11 is a movie.

It's Hollywood.

Scripted, directed, planned.

The sick part about it is the 3,000 people who got killed.

Friendly fire?

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