'Best Before' labels scrutinized as food waste concerns grow


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So the average diabetic overweight American making $10k a year and living in a trailer park and living off food stamps has to eat canned beans, corned beef and spam that expired 3 years ago? Just to be fair spam probably has a shelf life of a 100 years but will probably knock 30 years off your life if you eat it everyday. No wonder the US has the lowest life expectancy of any developed nation!

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I had food poisoning once for a week. It was hell. Careful but not stupid. I will buy from the store at reduced prices. I always smell fish and meat before cooking them. I always wash them.

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WOW the grocery store there looks so American style they way things are packaged and how much space there are in the food aisles

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Gaijinland, not necessarily, it is more down to ignorance and lack of education, there are much cheaper and healthier ways of feeding yourself and family than processed food but they require a modicum of knowledge and cooking ability beyond opening a tin or packet.

nosuke, oddly enough California is in the USA so that just might be why it looks that way.

I have never paid any attention to best before dates, I do take a certain amount of note of use by but have always used my senses even with those. Probably because when I was young they didn’t exist and my parents having gone through more than a decade of rationing avoided wasting food not to mention not being able to afford it.

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In the 70s and 80s our local store always sold off stuff past its sell by date, cheaply. For those of us on a limited budget, this was very popular. I think it was banned at some point. Instead food was sent to charities and food banks. Now that UK supermarkets can leave stuff on the shelf until it visibly goes off, food banks are reporting a dip in supplies.

I had soya milk and teabags at the back of the cupboard from the lockdown. Rather than waste them, I gave them a go and they were fine, despite being months past their date.

Pasta appears to last forever. I eat buns as long as they are soft enough and don't have anything growing on them.

I draw the line at bugs on my broccoli. More common now due to a lack of farm workers. Heavily bug-riddled ones are recycled in the compost bin.

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I draw the line at bugs on my broccoli. More common now due to a lack of farm workers. Heavily bug-riddled ones are recycled in the compost bin.

you are missing out on a natural protein addition to your diet! ;)

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