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'Glossy Green tea donuts' sound weird, look amazing in Mr Donut team-up with Kyoto matcha master

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

They say the only constant in life is change, and if you’re of the perfectly logical opinion that donuts are life, that means change is only constant in donuts as well. So as we bid farewell to one collaboration between Japanese donut chain Mr Donut and Kyoto matcha merchant Gion Tsujiri, the two companies are already teaming up to deliver a second batch of tempting treats with holes in the middle.

This new selection is dubbed the Tsuya Matcha, or “glossy green tea,” lineup, and the star of the show lives up to the name with a captivatingly beautiful and unique look.


The 180-yen Fuwamochi Uji Matcha Kuromitsu almost looks like a piece of exquisite ceramic art or lacquerware. The color and luster are thanks to the two-ingredient glaze, which has a matcha chocolate coating around a kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) core topping a soft and chewy donut. Like with all six of the newest donuts, Tsujiri green tea powder is kneaded into the dough before baking.

Similarly stylish is the Fuwamochi Uji Matcha Green Tea and Kinako Whipped Cream (200 yen), with a creamy filling flavored with green tea and kinako (sweet roasted soybean powder) plus a white chocolate/kuromitsu glaze.


There’s also the understated elegance of the Fuwamochi Uji Matcha Azuki Mochi (200 yen) with a filling of mochi and azuki (sweet red bean paste).


Mr Donut’s always-popular Pon de Ring series is part of the team-up too, starting with the Pon De Ring Uji Matcha (160 yen) which gets straight to the point with a green tea chocolate glaze.


There’s greater complexity with the mochi, matcha whipped cream, and kuromitsu filling of the Pon de Ring Uji Matcha Kuromitsu Mochi (180 yen).


Rounding out the new Pon de Rings is the Pon de Ring Uji Matcha Kinako Whipped Cream Azuki (180 yen), which is for the true kinako connoisseur with its kinako azuki whipped cream filling and kinako sugar-dusted exterior.


And last, should you somehow find yourself inside a Mr. Donut but not craving donuts, you can opt for the Uji Matcha Choco Azuki Shiratama Pie (220 yen), a crisp, flaky confectionary with sweet bean paste and mochi dumplings waiting when you bite into it.


All of them are on sale for a limited time.

Source: PR Times

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The only doughnut worthy of the name is the standard glazed yeast doughnut. Nothing goes better with a morning cup of coffee.

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The only doughnut worthy of the name is the standard glazed yeast doughnut. Nothing goes better with a morning cup of coffee.

I agree.

Too expensive and way overrated, it's a donut, not a high class French pastry. Keep it simple.

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