3 fusion onigirazu recipes to impress

By Eleonora Badellino

Recreating this brilliant invention at home is really simple. To make a delicious onigirazu, what you need is your favorite filling, a few tablespoons of rice (leftovers also works perfectly), and a large sheet of nori that will add a delicious crunchiness to the final result. To help you, we picked three recipes that will make anyone fall in love with onigirazu.

After a short practice, you will find that its preparation is not only simple but allows you to play with the combinations of your favorite flavors much more than your regular onigiri. Before showing my top three versions, here are some suggestions that may come in handy if this is the first time you jump into their preparation.

How to build your onigirazu

Place the nori sheet in front of you, with a corner in your direction.

Place 2-3 tbsp of rice in the middle, pressing lightly to form an evened out square shape. To do this, I recommend moistening your hands so you can handle the rice more easily.

Remember to leave a margin around the rice to close our sushi sandwich.

Add the seasoning in the middle, and seal it with a last layer of rice. This step is very important. Always remember to add a thin layer of rice between the nori sheet and the filling, or you will risk that the seaweed will lose its crunchy texture.

How to wrap it up


Do you know how to make a present package? The process is the same.

Imagine that the wrapping paper is your nori sheet, and the glue are your hands slightly moistened with a bit of water (if the rice you used is warm, the water won’t even be necessary as the moisture will act as a glue).

Squeeze the filling slightly, trying to keep the original square shape (it will make it easier to close).

Place the right and left corners in the middle of the filling. Form folds on the top and bottom to ensure that the rice does not come out, and bring the top and bottom corners towards the center.

Turn the onigirazu with the closure downwards so that it seals further. You just wrapped yourself a delicious gift.

Now that you got the basics of onigirazu, here are three onigirazu recipes with a little touch of Western influence to try out.

Onigirazu with Umeboshi paste and Fried Tofu

I don’t often give names to the dishes I cook (actually I never do), but in this case, I made an exception and connected each name to a characteristic that marks them out.

This onigirazu in particular, I like to call it “The Refreshing” thanks to the presence of the umeboshi paste, which gives that salty, sour taste, able to resurrect our taste buds.

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