5 famous foods you’ll find in Aomori


Aomori Prefecture is one of the chilliest and snowiest places on the planet. The immense cold and the early sunset has the power to make winters difficult. However, the locals of this prefecture embraced the harsh conditions and ingeniously created dishes that make even the darkest of days all the much better, plus a few other dishes to be enjoyed year round. This list does not include the mass amounts of fresh seafood you can get in Aomori, but that can be found all over the prefecture, especially along the coastlines.

1. Miso Curry Milk Ramen

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Aomori is the closest prefecture to Hokkaido (Japan’s northernmost region), so it’s reasonable that some of Hokkaido’s food traditions spread to downward. Perhaps Miso Curry Milk Ramen is a good example of this.

This take on ramen is very similar to a standard Miso Ramen that Hokkaido is known for, but with a splash of milk and a scoop of butter on top. These two dairy products complement the umami of the miso-curry splendidly to make a hearty soup. This flavorful dish is an exquisite way to stay warm during the winter. If you visit the capital of Aomori City, you’ll find restaurants all over where this ramen can be easily found and, of course, enjoyed.

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