5 famous foods you’ll find in Hiroshima


You’ve made it to the peace city in Western Japan. Chances are you came here to see the historical Atomic Bomb Dome and iconic Itsukushima Shrine. Here are Hiroshima’s best local eats to munch on as you make your way across the prefecture.


Hiroshima’s “go your own way” take on life is mirrored in its okonomiyaki. Unlike the conventional dish popularized in Osaka, Hiroshima layers this savory pancake with pork, cheese, and noodles.


A central place to dine on this regional dish is the dedicated building, Okonomi-mura which is close to the Peace Memorial Park. The building is packed with around 24 restaurants with each chef serving their variation of okonomiyaki.

Squid, octopus, anything you’ve got a taste for can be layered in the okonomiyaki batter and grilled. Inside Okonomi-mura, you’ll be greeted with excessive drinking and patrons showing enthusiastic love for the Hiroshima Carps—the local baseball team.

Momiji manju

This maple leaf-shaped caked filled with anko (red bean paste) is the prefecture’s most popular food souvenir. Momiji means maple leaf in Japanese and these are just as cute as they are tasty.


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Unlike the conventional dish popularized in Osaka...

I guess it depends on where one was first introduced to this delicious, beer drinking, gaijin favorite. I first came to Hiroshima in the early 70s. Never had the Osaka-soup style until many years later. The difference is equal to New York City vs Chicago style pizza. I prefer the more "conventional" Hiroshima way, thank you.

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Momiji is delicious, has many kinds of different flavors, lemon and chocolate are my favorites.

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I cannot spell out particular ones, but overall local sea foods/ingredients are fresh, delicious, inexpensive at market on the southern seaside Hiroshima around Setonaikai Inland Sea areas. Farming is also active in inland side. Rice, fruit and vegetable are abundant and good in quality. There are many other local sweets than Momiji-manju.

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